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Forest of Dean Rally – HOOF

by Barry

So this was our first proper rally as a family (Amanda and I attended a student rally in Oxford years ago, and I was around the Student protest last month, but that was more accident than design) and I was really inspired to see so many people turn out.  There has to have been well over a 1000 people.  There were so many that when we had finished the March part of it, there were still people as the back waiting to start.  It was really well organised and everybody was talking about how they felt about this.  One lady said “there should only be one person staying at home today, and that’s Harper”.  I guess he would have been lynched if he had dared show his face.

There was a lot of local people there who are less than impressed with Mark Harper MP, they really do not feel like he is competently doing his job as their MP.  One woman in the March was saying that she had been to his house the night before and tied HOOF ribbons on all the trees around his house.

Unfortunately we had to leave shortly after the march finished, but it was great to be involved in a small way.  We get a lot out of the Forest, as an educational resource, a camping destination, a great day out and so as a family we feel it would be a tragedy if this sell off were to go ahead.


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Hotels Forest of Dean September 2, 2011 - 10:32 am

This looks like it was an interesting march. Hopefully it all went to plan for you.


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