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Published On June 12, 2012 » 1226 Views» Random

Just a quick note to highlight my new Forum Board – Its a bit of an experiment to see the difference between a Forum and  my usual Blog format in terms of getting “user (that’s you) participation” and therefore a bit more value out of the site.

Have a quick look (I know the colour scheme is wrong) and contribute.  You do need to register as a user, but let me know what you think. 

More importantly, feel free to suggest forum names or bring forth a new topic or just tell me how much you dislike my views on horseradish and garlic sauce  (i think it could be quite nice) or ask why, as a Labour member, why I work with the Conservative councillors in my ward or just to comment on life in general.

Give them a whirl…


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One Response to Forum Board Tryout on my Blog

  1. Barry says:

    You may have noticed that the forums have now dissappeared – as I mentioned above it was a bit of an experiment to see how they are implemented and if they would work. I found that yes they do implement well, with a few niggles but really for this site they are a bit much, but they will be appearing on other sites that I run as I think they are quite valuable and a accessible way of having a discussion.

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