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Gloucester Carnival – Lets get stuck in!

by Barry
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I know I moan a lot, but one of the things that has disappointed me in the past couple of years has been the Gloucester Carnival.  This could have been because I have had a fair bit of experience of being involved with Silloth Carnival when I was younger or just the fact that I found the Gloucester Carnival really good in the park, but very uninspirational in terms of a procession.  because of this, when Paul James, Leader of Gloucester City Council, made a public statement in essence as a challenge to those who criticised to get involved with it this year, I really couldn’t resist.

Having been involved for the past couple of months, the group leading it has grown from a few sat round a table to over 15 at the meeting last week.  What is really great is that is that it’s not just the usual suspects, but many groups have got involved, and also local businesses

as well as a couple of councillors like Tarren Randle.  It is chaired by Paul James but really is an “open to any ideas” session.

Some of the changes we have already agreed upon is to make the procession at the start rather than at the end of the day, and then making it start from elsewhere and then end at Gloucester Park, the logic being that you line the streets to watch the parade, then follow into the park to enjoy the rest of the entertainment.  Having it at the end, when the parade left, many people just went home.

Also, we are really encouraging everyone to get involved, it is a carnival for everyone, and it is as much fun to be in the parade as watch it, so we want to really push groups and organisations to highlight themselves and contribute to the parade by  joining in.

For me, a key thing is the businesses getting involved too.  It is a great method of advertising, and getting involved with our community, so we will be encouraging businesses to either take out a sponsorship pack (at very reasonable rates) and/or get involved directly with one of your community groups and give them some cash (or things in kind) to help them put on a fantastic display.

So, its early days, with a lot to do.  And for all those who say that the Carnival is rubbish the message is quite simple, to make it better, get involved.  Think about how you could make a float or a walking entry.  Could you encourage your local pub to g sponsor a few of you, or you employer?  It will be as good as we, as a community, makes it!

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Joe K January 22, 2012 - 1:25 am

More concerned with persuading the Court Leet of Barton St Mary to come clean about the Barton Fayre.

Oh, and our next ‘Mock Mayor’ is going to be someone called Tony, who’s big in street cleaning, it is rumoured (although my source seemed pretty certain). Not that the ‘Mayor’ is picked well in advance or anything…

Barry January 22, 2012 - 9:19 am

Hi Joe, I have to admit that I don’t know much about the Barton Fayre, but the whole history of how Barton got its mayor and how it has been “turned around” in meaning – I think is really interesting – it just shows just what a rich history we have.

What are the current issues?

Joe K January 22, 2012 - 12:27 pm

I wouldn’t call it ‘interesting’ so much, Barry, as a lesson in how the media can ‘turn’ things around. My thoughts go back to a story about [sex-sept-octuplets?] in the eighties, where a nurse was quoted as saying she was afraid to give the father a congratulatory kiss in case she got pregnant, but it was because the couple were having trouble conceiving that IMF treatment was given, which led to the multiple births. Faulty logic, or a better story by ignoring inconvenient facts?

I like the idea of the biggest fool (or outspoken person) being made mayor. I know a few people who would be regarded that way, including myself, by those ‘community leaders’, but now they play it safe, the ‘jokey’ aspect of the Leet is rather undermined, and since that’s the only way they get to duck awkward questions like, ‘why did you pick someone who never lived in Barton as mayor?’, the joke is starting to pall.

The current issue is that despite everyone, including the Citizen, the police, and Richard Graham, thinking that Barton Fayre is still going, two of the Leet’s members, Tony Ward and Gordon Barrington (though I’m not sure how Gordon is a member, since I don’t think he’s ever been mayor, although he was offered it but declined, as he thought he’d be moving out of the area*), say it hasn’t taken place for the last two years, and what we’ve actually had is the ‘Barton Community Fair’, held in St James’ Park, Tredworth, on the last occasion. I’d like to see Peter Arnold, the speaker of the Leet, announce this fact, but the abolition of a historic event revived 15 years ago isn’t ‘jokey’ enough, I guess.

*but I digress

Barry January 22, 2012 - 12:37 pm

What date is this supposed to be on (IE if it was running?) Do you think there could be some scope to join it in with the carnival in some way? What do you think?

Joe K January 23, 2012 - 1:10 am

Traditionally, the Fayre has always been on the first Saturday of September, although they moved it late in the month two years ago (the last one, I guess), so it wouldn’t clash with Ramadan, and Muslims could eat.

It could be linked to the recently revived Gloucester Day, except that I see that event uses the funds once belonging to the ‘old’ Barton Fayre (an actual hint that it’s been scrapped). It figures they would rather have a procession which holds traffic up for a half hour or so than an event which closes a street for five or six hours…


Eddie January 23, 2012 - 9:48 am

I dont know what is happening now, but you can see what was at http://www.visit-gloucestershire.co.uk/gloucester/barton.htm

Joe K January 25, 2012 - 4:55 pm

Maybe if you still posted on your Barton & Tredworth page about what’s happening now, Eddie, our ‘jokey’ Leet wouldn’t have felt it could get away with scrapping the Fayre without a consultation first (unless they felt, like the police, that consultation would be pointless and therefore dispensable). You won’t post news now, Shaun Moore/Barton Media never did, and hasn’t done so on the free site you gave the Trust for almost two years, so where are Barton & Tredworth residents getting their news from, other than scouring the Citizen for the odd story?

Actually, you do post the occasional article, or Vanda does, and I see you’ve added your name as mod now, which is an indication of how pointless and therefore dispensable Moore is, but you’re still steering clear of the Al Ashraf issue…

Eddie January 26, 2012 - 10:20 am

Not so Joe

I’ll hapilly report any news I hear about, and also publicise any events. Sadly I can’t report on what I don’t know

Joe K January 27, 2012 - 1:37 pm

You did, until quite recently, used to be quite conscientious about going through the news on TiG every morning and posting links to them on the boards, Eddie. That posters rarely comment on them now is not something you can help. Or is it?

I can’t post the articles that interest me, and that I think might interest other people, myself, so I do the next best thing and recommend them, or comment occasionally as well, to help them gain more prominence. This is the ‘biggest thing’ at the moment. There’s actually a hell of a lot more to be told, and that’s just what I know about…

Community group back on track after “wake up call” letter leaked

Eddie January 28, 2012 - 10:50 am

When I, or Vanda have the time we do trawl the local news, but the last 2 weeks business has had to come first. I have posted the letter and AGM date

Joe K February 1, 2012 - 12:32 pm

Well, people can read the letter if they look at the article, and the more important date to promote is the public meeting on the 8th, but well done. I appreciate that you’re busy. Maybe Shaun should do ‘Moore’?

Speaking of which, having concluded that the Charity Commission are as much of a paper tiger as the PCC and the IPCC, I’ve given up on them calling the trustees of the Barton & Tredworth Community Trust to account, and asked Richard Graham to look into it instead. The bare miminum the community should expect is for the trustees to make a public statement about what they intend to do, but they haven’t even disclosed what was discussed at their own ‘crunch’ meetings at the end of last year. The dozen or so residents who turned up each time hardly count as representative, and the reason the committee can’t get a quorum of even twenty is public discontentment with their management. Resigning would have been the right thing to do, but selling off the building is obviously more attractive than being landed with thousands of pounds in debt each.


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