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Gloucester Day 2013 – A Proud City

by Barry

Today I was involved in the Gloucester Day celebrations, which involved 2 parades and manning a street stall.  The Barton Mock Mayor parade and ceremony reminds us all that providing a bit of fun in peoples lives is very important and quite a serious business.  Then there was the main Parade where I was proud to march through the city, carrying the Labour Banner with my Labour friends.  The weather was great and the support from residents was excellent.  Really makes you proud of Gloucester and all we do here.

The morning began with the Labour team setting up the Labour stall, I was late due to having too much fun at the Severn FM Breakfast show, which meant by the time I got there, there was already a crowd buzzing round the Gazebo, wanting to know more about Sophy Gardner and what we as a party are doing for residents.  We took the opportunity to raise the profile of the numerous issues that are going on, as well as providing a map of the city and encouraging residents to “post it” where issues were.

The Mock Mayor parade was next and the walk through the city with the new Mock Mayor, Peter Wilson of BBC Gloucestershire fame, being transported on a Gloucester Brewery trike around the route.  We ended up outside Tigers Eye, and a few short speeches later saw Pete getting his chains to a resounding round of applause.

Taking a bit of a break in between the parades, I was pleased to find Garry Mills who waved a form and pen at me to sign up for the British Legion.  This is something I have been wanting to do for a while (and have had the membership form sat on my desk for a while) so to finally get it sorted was brilliant.

In the afternoon was the main Parade formed up (no mean feat) and we were placed in our position through the great organisation of Alan Myett, the Town Cryer.  To our amusement, we had UKIP in front of us, and just in front of them was the representatives of the LGBT community, I think they were feeling rather uncomfortable to say the least.  The parade (eventually) set off and wound its way round the city, with lots of people lining the route and cheering.

We tried to get lots of photos which will be on the Gallery Page so have a look and see what you think!

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