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Gloucester Night Market – Great idea, lets have more please

by Barry

After a long day at work, the family and I ventured into Gloucester to see the Night Market.  Given that it was 8pm by the time we got there, I was hoping that things hadn’t shut down, but I was really pleased to see things were still running strong and I really enjoyed being able to have the time in the City.  I think this should be a regular event, say once a month, and it should be supported by traders, businesses and residents alike.

One of my constant criticisms is that we hold so many events during the day when a good chunk of the population can’t get any access to it because of work commitments.  So the idea of the night market was really appealing.  I really likes the blend of entertainment, food and produce on offer.  Most of it was very reasonably priced and if we had more forethought, we would have bought bags down and done more of the weekly shop there.   Even taking the kids there, way past their bed time, wasn’t as much of a trauma as it can me to take them round the shops on a normal day because there was stuff for them to see and do.

It was also great to see some of the local shops entering into the spirit of it by opening late too and because of the time, there was more free parking to be had. It is this sort of flexibility and innovative thinking in the way we trade and provide something different to everyone else that can make Gloucester thrive.   So all in all, a great event which has bags of potential.  Well done to all involved in organising and running it and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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