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Gloucester Tory MP doesn’t know his Kingsway from his….

by Barry

Richard Graham is holding his final MPs surgery in Kingsway this Friday and you would have thought all this recent focus on Kingsway and his recent publicity stunts here, he would know that the Community Centre is on Thatcham Avenue (given he was standing right next to it).  His poster (below) will have you directed to a building on Kingsway Business Park.

Quedgeley-FC-surgeryThe last time he held a public meeting here, the organisation was so bad that it was left to me to let his team in (he turned up considerably late).  Therefore I would have thought he would have got it sorted this time.  However if you go by his poster, you won’t get to the sparkly brand new community centre, which was opened by one of his own Councillors in August of last year.

The Address you do want is: Kingsway Community Centre, Thatcham Avenue, GL2 2DJ – If you do ring up for an appointment, you may want to check that he is going to turn up on time at right place.

No doubt this will be laughed off by Richard as me simply being difficult (or other equally descriptive phrases) but I would have thought that if you want to engage, then actually checking the building exists is a good idea.


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trollhunterx March 24, 2015 - 12:41 pm

You presumably added ‘one of’, which means you have to pluralise ‘Councillor’ now. It’s easily done (and now I have to be *really* careful not to make any mistaeks, now).

I would go and ask Graham why he claims to get hundreds of emails a week from constituents, but won’t back up claims that he scrapped the comments on his blog because of all the ‘abuse’ he was getting, but it seems like a waste of a trip, on the basis of his past evasiveness. I’d challenge him to allow comments for the month, or even week, before the election, and we’d see if most people are really as abusive as he says, or just asking questions – as well as for help – that he’s not interested in responding to.


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