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Gloucester Youth Showcase

by Barry

Eloise and I took a visit to the Gloucester Youth Showcase today – held down at Llanthony Priory – and we thought it was a great event for bringing together many youth organisations and highlighting what Gloucester has to offer for our Kids.

There is a constant argument that the kids today are constantly causing mischief etc because they have nothing to do, and I would agree that youth services have taken a kicking recently, but as today proved, with a bit of investigation, Gloucester does provide quite a wide range of activities, clubs and organisations to get involved with, from Brownies and Guides to Scouts and Army Cadets.



We saw a wide range of kids getting involved and the adults there who were keen to see as much be made of the day as possible, from the Gloucester MP, Richard Graham, to the Safer Gloucester Partnership and many others.




I was also impressed by some of the demonstrations in the main arena, the one that really caught my daughters eye was from Karate World, particularly the young girl who gave a solo demonstration.

As the fist one I thought it was great, however I hope they are suitably encouraged to repeat the event next year, I think it has stacks of potential to really engage that particular age bracket and could be utilised in so many ways.

Well done to all involved.

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PC Mark Evans September 17, 2011 - 9:47 pm

Barry, thank you for the comments that you have made regarding the Youth Showcase. Myself & Steve Crown were glad to see so many young people at the event from different organisations, and we would like to do it again,….It was a successful event and it was great to see so many people getting involved & I am glad that you enjoyed it..


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