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Gloucestershire Bus Cuts review

by Barry
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I attended the Bus review in Gloucester Guildhall last week which was aimed at getting feedback on the proposed changes to each bus line.  The session was run by Alan Barrett who had attended the Kingsway Residents Meeting earlier in the year.

My wife and i went along because we were concerned that as Kingsway and Quedgeley grow, we will get reducing services, and in our Car Free living, the bus is a much-needed transport link.  I think i was a bit disappointed by the attendance, considering the breadth of change but hopefully more people went along to the roadshow on Saturday.

Amanda also brought up issues about the ticket pricing, which made it cost ineffective when children get older.

In the main, all non-subsidised services will not be affected, but its the Evening and Sunday services that are most at risk across the county.  Alan explained that he wanted to arrange more services into a Hub and Spoke arrangement, so time will tell on that one.

I thought that Alan did a good job in running the event, he was open and honest about where his budgets are and what he is trying to do which I thought was very good and the right tone to take.  However I would question the number of fancy roller posters they have produced, which didn’t add anything to the presentation, and I thought a bit of an extravagance considering we are all about saving money.

Alan has promised to stay in touch with the growing needs of Kingsway which is good, and was overall a good event.

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