Gloucestershire County Council puts itself at risk – UBB Incinerator Contract signed before planning granted….

Published On September 13, 2012 » 1603 Views» Gloucester, Politics

Against all common sense, the Gloucestershire County Council have instructed officers to sign the contract with Ubaser Balfor Beatty (UBB).  So what I hear you cry, everyone needs a contract to work.  The issue here is planning, this contract has been signed before planning has been agreed which when you think about it is a bit crazy.  If planning is not agreed, then the County Council have a serious problem in that they will have to pay UBB to get out of the contract.

Shire Hall protesters

Shire Hall protesters (Photo credit: quisnovus)

I guess they are feeling complacent, they have managed to ram this through all objections so far with gross disregard for anyones issues, of which there are many.  This feeling will be compounded by the fact that the planning decision sits with the County Council as well (great independence there).  However as far as I can tell there are 2 planning reasons for this to fail, and then an environmental issue to deal with and if the County Council still go ahead, they will be opening themselves up for a legal challenge and appeal.

Surely anyone with half an ounce of sense would have waited for the planning outcome before committing to such a huge sum?

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