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Gloucestershire high on the Labour Target list

by Barry

The Labour Party have produced their list of Target Seats for the General Election in 2015 and Gloucestershire has been targeted with Gloucester coming in at 38th, but higher still is Stroud at 16th.  The fact we are neighbouring constituencies is brilliant and hopefully we will take advantage of this and work together, especially with the County Elections coming up this year.  

Stroud has a slight advantage at the moment in that they have a Parliamentary Candidate, David Drew, but no doubt we will have a candidate in place some point soon, and we can really get going.  There is no doubt that having someone to provide drive and leadership will inspire many people and I for one can’t wait.

I’m also pleased to see Carlisle high on the list too, I think I will be paying a visit or two to my parents to spend a bit of time with our Northern comrades to help set right that injustice from 2010 😉

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