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Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Elections – Labour Nominations

by Barry

In May, as well as all out local elections in Gloucester and Stroud, and a third up in Cheltenham, there is also the election for the Police and Crime Commissioner.  You may recall a cold and wet November in 2012, where we elected Gloucestershire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner, or you may not as less than 1 in 5 of us voted in that election.  This election is a bit different in that it is being held on the same day as the local elections, so making it more convenient for everyone.

I have seen the development of this role, from when I was the agent in the last elections, to sitting on the Police and Crime Panel and now being the deputy chair of it.  We have seen the role evolve and go through some interesting times, especially some of the national issues that have arisen.

Given what I have seen and the fact that the Labour Commissioners in the country have been shown to make a significant difference to their communities that they serve, I want to be able to that here in Gloucestershire.  I am now seeking the nomination to be the Labour candidate in Gloucestershire.  The Party have opened the process and I have submitted my application, there is a selection process to go through and there should be a result early in the new year.

Should I be selected, I am most keen to be looking at the issues of better community engagement, closer working with all the organisations that influence crime and stronger support of our police force.

It is early days, there is long listing, short listing and selections by the local parties to go through, and that is just to get to the start line.  But every journey has to begin somewhere, and I am very much looking forward to this one.

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trollhunterx December 13, 2015 - 12:23 pm

I think the role needs scrapping. Sometimes, people need to have the courage to give something up as a bad job, and not perpetuate it.


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