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Gloucestershire Tory County Council ram through Incinerator plans for Quedgeley

by Barry
The rubbish incineration plant at Spillepengen...

An incinerator plan in Sweden - Could this be beside Quedgeley soon? - Image via Wikipedia

Tonight, the Tory led County Council have voted through a controversial proposal to build a waste incinerator on the edge of Quedgeley in Javelin Park.  Despite huge opposition, the removal of government PFI credits, the stubborn Councillor Stan Waddington has burned public opposition and gone ahead with his own high-octane plans regardless.

They have clearly not shown any regard for the other options available, and in particular, they are not looking at any joined up solutions with the Tory lead City Council.  Only recently the City Council have made the green waste provision a payable service which realistically means that people will put green waste in their black bins, which now means that recyclable green waste will now be incinerated instead of recycled.

No thought at all has gone into improving recycling rates, creating a waste sorting facility or even providing the information as to why the Tory Lead Government thought it was a bad idea and removed the PFI funding in the first place.  This Tory County Council, rather than consider it properly, is going to spend millions of our tax payer pounds, on a facility what will literally go up in smoke.


Bob March 17, 2011 - 10:00 am

Barry – thought I’d just cross-post from Tig:

You’re pretty much agreeing with the council’s proposals . Their plan is to increase recycling to among the highest levels in Europe and then incinerate the remainder. No doubt FOTE will argue for even higher recycling levels – but you have to seriously question whether anything over 70% is possible without serious bin taxes, particularly when you have urban areas like Glos and Chelt to contend with.

bazkirby March 17, 2011 - 11:37 am

Hi Bob

I would agree with them if that was the case, but I am seeing a lot of talk but no action. The County Council is not in a real position to increase recycling efforts as that is a City Council remit. It is the City who are responsible for collection and the County for Disposal. And with acts like the Green Bin issue happening, it shows just how much they don’t work together.

If the county were really wanting to raise recycling, they would have serioulsy considered a waste sorting facility, to get the most reuse and recycle as possible. We would then find the amount of final waste would be dramatically reduced.

I agree that it would then need disposed of, and Incineration is a contender. We are then talking about an economy of scale as we could have a smaller facility if, through recycling, the demand is less.

The big problem for me, is that they are wanting a “one size fits all” rather than looking at the whole process and where a number of smaller solutions would be a much better solution.

bazkirby March 17, 2011 - 1:19 pm

Something like one of these
Forge Recycling
(Stolen from the TiG comment by Jane Williams)

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