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GP’s trying to scare Mothers to be out of Home Births

by Barry

Our Son, Leo, was born at home and it was one of the most fantastic experiences ever on many different levels.  With hindsight, I would love to have had our 2 girls born at home too, but that’s life.  Having a home birth was an empowering event for both of us, for Amanda in being in familiar circumstance and having things exactly how she wanted, and for me, to be much more involved in the birth and not just a passenger.  It also meant that 5 mins after the birth, both Amanda and Leo were tucked up in our own bed and comfortable. 

So to hear that GPs are trying to scare mothers out of a home birth I think is a sad thing.  Granted it may make things easier for them, in a “birthing factory” sort of way, but birth is a natural event and not an illness, and therefore mothers should be encouraged to do what they feel comfortable with and not just what is most convenient for the doctors.

I’d put a photo up for this post, but Amanda, my wife, may not appreciate it 😉

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Eddie December 30, 2010 - 1:33 pm

I couldn’t agree more Barry. Pregnancy is not an illness


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