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Has the Gloucester MP researched his charity exploit?

by Barry
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Now, not being one to pick fault, especially where charity work is involved, but I may have the second shock of the week for the Gloucester MP, Richard Graham.

After his hopes of Parmjit Dhanda going to Leicester were dashed yesterday, in todays Citizen, it is reported that he is doing his bit for a youth training programme and is riding 80 miles from Gloucester to Parliament.  He is doing it on a bike that his wife, Anthea, got him and painted it in the Gloucester colours of Cherry and white.  I have a lot of respect for the idea as my dad did a similar thing, he did a bike ride from Silloth to Newcastle to raise money for the Hospital that did a lot of pioneering surgery on his hand.

So whats the problem?  Well, I want to know what he is going to do after cycling 80 miles and realising that he has still got 35 miles to go.  Gloucester to Westminster is 115 miles.  Maybe he is starting from the weekend pad, I only hope that if he does, that it allows him to miss out the hill going up to Birdlip as that has got to be a hard slog.

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