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Historical Precedence for Quedgeley Parkway? Time to eat Pie!

by Barry

The Future Signage?

A friend has passed to me a document about some specific history of Quedgeley, and it comes to light that there has been a passenger station at Quedgeley before, to support local industry at the time.  When you consider this was in 1915, when Quedgeley was not much more than a Manor Farm and Orchards, you would think that the argument would be much stronger now to bring it back.  It seems however, that growth in South Gloucester is not to everybody’s taste.

Around 1914, Quedgeley became home to National Filling Factory, Number 5. This was a munitions factory and based in the land that is now next to Waterwells Business Park.  To enable better connectivity they created Quedgeley Junction and freight connections, but alongside that was a passenger station to enable the workers easy access to the factory.  If you have a look around Waterwells now, there is still track left, particularly the Narrow Gage that they used around the factory itself.  So that shows that the area is suitable for a station and that while the technology has changed, the initial principle has merit.

This proposal had some “cold water” thrown over it at the end of last week by Cllr Mark Hawthorne.  Without any consideration or thought he has called it “Pie in the Sky” and a suggestion purely for my own publicity.  Good to see that Mr Cameron’s “Big Society”, where the community are encouraged in the engagement and development of their own communities, is alive and well.  It seems that Mr Hawthorne is unfamiliar with the idea of Community Engagement and the idea of “asking people what they think”, which is what this is all about.  unfortunately for Mark, he has never met me and does not have the experience of knowing that I tend to do some homework before starting and I have been able to send him the proposal I have been writing, to prove that there is depth to what I have been saying.  I was not planning on making it anything like public at this stage as there is a long way to go, but I have to hold my hand up to being a bit angry and wanting to prove him wrong.  So as soon as I got home, I sent him what I had already written and encouraged him to comment.

I wonder if his apology will be as quick as his public insults.

Or he may have been told information that I found out about on Friday, oh to be a fly on the wall for that one.  See that Pie in the sky?  Lets just see how it tastes shall we….   More to come.

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