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Holier than thou…oops

by Barry
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With the best will in the world, people make mistakes, printers don’t work and we fluff our punch lines.  The world keeps turning and all that.

However, if your going to stand on a soap box and preach at people, then you had better make sure that it doesn’t blow up in your face.

So when Labour MP, Eric Joyce had his little rant at the Middle Class about drinking (amongst other things), I was rather offended, but I could see what he was getting at.  However, to get busted for drink driving less than a week later does nothing to help him (and the Labour Party).

There is something about practising what you preach, if your going to talk all “holier than thou”, then you have to be it too!

Still, he had the good sense to resign his post, and hopefully we can all learn something!

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Joe K November 22, 2010 - 8:58 am

Hmmm. You blog a lot on political matters these days, Barry (and I suppose someone has to take up the slack after Tom Harris ‘quitting’), but no thoughts about Phil Woolas, I noticed. I feel obligated to ask you if disgraceful behaviour by Labour MPs, with no redeeming aspect, is something you’re steering away from? That’s something I’d expect from the rest of the Gloucester Labour pack, but not you.

bazkirby November 22, 2010 - 9:53 am

Im not avoiding the Labour “problem childs” as this post shows. The Phil Woolas thing passed me by mainly becuase I didn’t really get the time to do my background work on it and by the time I did, it was “old news” anyway. I do have a draft post sat here labelled Lies, more lies and politics, looking at what you put on leaflets and campaign with. I wanted tot ake that further too to include what people promise and then don’t deliver, which brings me right back into local issues.

For the record, I do think he was out of order with what he wrote, but he has also been let down in terms of his support. He had an Agent and campaign staff (even if just helpers) who should have picked up on it before it went to print. Someone should have said “are you sure?”

I also try and steer clear of “open” legal issues as, with one of my other hats on, its not really approporiate for me to do so. though I have “flexed” this line in the past, I do try (sometimes fail) to wait until its over.


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