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The Holy Glass Ceiling

by Barry

There are many complaints in business at the Glass Ceiling that exists for women as they progress through their careers.  However none are so blatant as what the Church of England has allowed for many years, and has just reaffirmed by a vote of its members, that women can not be Bishops.  Quite frankly this is disgraceful and the members who voted against the move, or abstained, should be ashamed of themselves, for I know I am ashamed to have them as my national church.

For an organisation that claims to have the moral high ground, and preaches equality,  I really fail to understand how the organisation can have any issues with the appointment of women as Bishops.   In this day and age, where women are pushing hard in a practical manner to rise within their chose careers, the Church should be leading by example.

If I were in any position to review it, I would be asking does the Church now embody the values that allows it to “trade” under the name of The Church of England.  because it certainly does NOT embody what I consider to be the values of England!



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Richard Bard November 21, 2012 - 6:04 pm

I don’t think you can blame it on God. Partly because he didn’t write the book but mainly because he doesn’t exist!

Kate November 21, 2012 - 7:13 pm

Remember that two thirds of the vote is required in all 3 sections (Bishops, Clergy & Laity). In total 324 votes were in favour & 122 against. This should be recognised as an important step forwards even if the goal has not quite been achieved yet.
Within the Bishops the vote was 44 in favour and only 3 against (2 abstentions) which I think is pretty positive. Remember this is an institution which still has Churches where girls cannot do certain roles that boys can. Also, some find it very hard to get beyond the woman = wife / mother only. On my wedding day my Bishop Uncle prayed that I would ‘submit’ to my husbands will.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Catholic Church still do not even have female Priests. And other religious institutions? Similarly backward when it comes to women.

However, it does open lots of questions, for example, what does this outcome say to the congregations with female priests? That they are being led by a ‘lessor’ individual?
Or what are the implications on us, the general public given the guaranteed seats in the House of Lords for this institution?

This is a disappointing result but at least they’re moving in the right direction!


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