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Home Ed Camp 2010

by Barry

Last week was the annual retreat to Home Ed Camp.  This was our second time going and we had a great time.

I say we, I mainly mean Amanda and the Kids, not that I didn’t have a good time, but I had to work for most of it.

The camp was just outside Wotton under Edge and we turned up on Monday and we turned up on Monday to get set up. The difference this year was that it was nice and dry, as last year it was totally chucking it down.

I then slept there until 4am and then drove to work and didn’t return until Thursday night to help pack up early on Friday morning before going back to work.  The biggest problem with this was that Amanda was left with all 3 kids on her own, but she did really well, and Ellie and Holly were happy to be playing and doing activities until the very late hours.

What I find truly fascinating about HE kids is when they all get together.  There are so many different personalities and they play so well together.  And because there are so many different “likes”, they rarely seem to get bored, they just move onto the next idea.  From football, to putting on a couple of plays, singing, and long walks.  The inspiration and most of the organisation comes from the kids themselves which really “organic”.  This is also really well facilitated by the parents.  As a collective, there are many different resources brought along, from musical instruments to sports and circus skills.  I have been learning how to use a Diablo since our visit tot he Wychwood festival, and I had one of the lads (11 yrs old) showing me how to improve my skills which was really cool. And then on the Thursday evening, they were using glow sticks and they were putting on some really cool displays.

From my point of view, it was really good knowing everyone there this year.  Last year, I didn’t really know anyone, and I was just dipping in and out, so it was quite hard, however this year I knew most of the people there and it was really cool to come in after work and have a beer round the campfire.

Roll on next year 🙂

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