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Home Ed inspection! #Homeed

by Barry

Even though we have been home educating for quite a while, we had never actually registered with the Local Authority, and now that I’m a councillor and wanting to help make the EHE provision the most effective it can be, I thought it would be a good idea to put my money where my mouth is and go through the process ourselves, just so I can understand what other parents go through and so we can feedback to the Council what we think of the process.

So after getting the letter saying that we were getting the visit and we had a chat about what we thought we were going to get from the visit and what we should be doing.  I think we were nervous having someone come in and evaluate what we are doing.  Its rather strange because I think we are our own harshest critic, we constantly review what we are doing, but you never quite know I guess.

And then the morning arrived, cue a bit of mad tidying and clearing up and then the doorbell went.  The lady (I won’t name her here) came in and introduced herself and gave us a quick overview of what she was here for and as we all sat down we have her a potted history about what we are doing, why we are doing it and what sort of resources and activities we use and get up to.

Eloise (9) decided that was a good time to be doing some of her workbooks and also telling her version of EHE and why she likes it, and Leo (4) thought it was a good time to test our patience by tipping the entire box of Lego over the floor.  Holly thought that hiding was a good option.

I really was pleasantly surprised to see just how pro-EHE the lady was, she really made us feel comfortable in what we were doing as well as giving us her information and lists of resources, places and the like of what they have found are EHE friendly.  We talked about what we thought of our future pathway and if there was anything we would like help in that they could assist with.

Overall I thought it was a good, pro-active meeting and actually quite helpful.  I also liked the fact that she was keen to have our feedback and to highlight any groups/organisations/websites and resources that would be useful for other EHE families.


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Tracey Harman April 29, 2015 - 4:58 pm

Pleased to read this today – have my first meeting tomorrow!


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