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Human Factors in NASA -An insight into HF on the Orion Programme.

by Barry

Human Factors is applied to many domains, but perhaps one of the most challenging is the Space environment due to the very nature that it is not of this world.  That, coupled with a challenge of a new space race, firstly with the mission to Mars, but also the commercialisation of the sector, makes working there a very exciting place.  But it also helps to have the right people doing the right job.

In this episode, I interview 3 HF Practitioners from Johnson Space Centre (JSC) who are largely focused on the Orion spacecraft which is part of the wider Artemis programme, they are:

They give us an insight into the challenges that they are dealing with, as well as the Human Factors capability they have at their fingertips.  Its also worth highlighting that the team they outline is only at JSC, there is also another (vast) team at Kennedy Space Centre (KSC).

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