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If not now – then when? : rejoining the Labour Party…

by Barry

The Labour party is on the brink of something, I believe it really is on a knife edge of its future, this election of the leader and deputy leader will signal if the party sees its role as a party that is there to really change peoples lives or if it just wants to be a party of simple ideology and protest.  So, what is my role in this?

When I resigned from the Labour Party in 2019, it was with a very heavy heart, but just too many of my personal red-lines had been crossed.   Whilst I went through a whole range of emotion (anger, disappointment) and shared that with many friends who also went through the same path, we have stuck together and supported each other, and I think we have always looked to when we would rejoin, not so much if.  That is probably because f the shared experience and the fact that we had always seen  the party as a family, not just a hobby.  

So the result in December is, quite rightly, forcing the party to look at itself and determine what it wants to be in the future.  And I feel those of us who left also have that decision, what do we want the party to be.  Do we wait and see what comes and see if it worth rejoining, or do we join, make our voice heard, and then work with the outcomes?

For me, I have chosen the latter, I have rejoined, I am hopeful that the party will come back together and become a force for good that the nation will trust.  Because I fundamentally believe that the Country needs a Labour Government, and therefore they need a leader they can see as being Prime Minister, and a group of MPs that are inspired through leadership that yolks that strength.  

So, i will no doubt be commenting on the leadership and deputy leadership campaigns and candidates.  I have not made any final decision on who I will be supporting, though I think there are those who clearly have visions for the future which are more akin to what i would like to see.

I think the party has to look at what it did well and what it didn’t.  It will require a level of honesty, on all sides.  We need to really bring the party back together, not yaw it further left, or bring it back completely to the centre.  We are at our best when we have a range of voices, but also talk and debate to come to solutions that work.  Therefore a leader who can achieve this is fundamental to the future.  Who is that person, well this won’t be a short leadership selection, so we have time to see. 

In addition, and perhaps more crucially, we should be looking at how we, as a membership, conduct ourselves in this election, as much as the candidates themselves.  We have got to be willing to change if we are to win. 

So to my friends and colleagues who have left and are thinking about rejoining, then I challenge you, if not now, then when?

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