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The Incinerator – what a batty idea

by Barry

Lastest news on the incinerator seems to be that the an independent survey commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council has revealed a large presence of rare bats whose habitats are protected by law.  This could form strong grounds for refusal of planning.  This supports what I have been saying for a long time, that the biggest issue with this proposal is the location.  We need to solve the waste problem, and incineration will play a part in that, but just not at the gateway to our city.

What is further, the independent report went live on the Gloucestershire County Council website, then it appears if someone realised that it didn’t support all the spin that the Council has been putting forward and it was pulled.  The official excuse has been that it was pulled to allow UBB to respond, but as I’m very cynical of the whole consultation process, then it just seems to be one more example.



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