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Incinerator consultation – Javelin Park – This weekend – Please make the effort

by Barry
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I think no matter what you think of the incinerator saga to date, this weekends event (detailed below) will be worthwhile attending, even if it’s just to inform ourselves of the proposals. I really believe in looking at both sides of every argument and this is no exception. While everything I have seen does make me think it is not a well thought out solution, it is good to go to the event to see if any of our fears can be put to rest.

If nothing else, forewarned is fore-armed and better understanding of the solutions will provide for a more concise discussion over the facts.

The Details
From Saturday 16th – Tuesday 19th July, a public exhibition on waste is being held at Javelin Park for people to find out more about the waste facility proposed for the site.

The event gives people the first opportunity to talk to the bidders for before they draw up planning proposals for Gloucestershire’s new energy from waste facility.

Saturday 16th July (12 – 6pm)
Sunday 17th July (12 – 4pm)
Monday 18th July (2 – 8pm)
Tuesday 19th July (2 – 8pm)

Javelin Park, Junction 12, M5 (GL10 3DP)

From M5/A38, take B4008 heading south.
Take first turning on right. Follow directional signs.

Website: http://tinyurl.com/5svp2lp
Email: [email protected]

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Richard Bard July 15, 2011 - 9:01 pm

We’ve just had one approved by Staffordshire County Council for our town.

A couple of points interested me. Firstly, why does the county council decide on planning for this when it is their responsibility to deal with our waste? Surely a conflict of interest. Secondly (here comes the political bit) the vote was 4 for, 4 against, chairman’s casting vote carried it. Our local MP said “I am sickened that a development of this magnitude can be approved on the say-so of one out-of-touch councillor from a different part of the county.He will never be welcome in our town”.

Well him & the other 4 who voted for it, the 1 who couldn’t make up his mind & the 5 who didn’t turn up.

Personally I’m in favour of our incinerator, it’s on an industrial estate, next to a landfill, seems the ideal place.

Second Public Exhibition of the Glocuester Incinerator October 24, 2011 - 2:53 pm

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