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January 9, 2015 - 0 Comments

With the news this week that Eric Pickles has decided that local democracy isn’t worth a damn, and that an Incinerator should be built at Javelin Park anyway, then the big question is what next?...

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December 22, 2014 - 3 Comments

We have heard that Eric Pickles MP, the Secretary of State for Local government, has again delayed the decision on the Javelin Park Incinerator that the Gloucestershire Tories have steam-rollered to its present position. We...

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January 22, 2014 - 0 Comments

I get called many things, some good, some bad, but in the County Council Chamber, I had a first.  After proposing the motion on reaffirming Gloucester County Councils objections to the Javelin Park Incinerator, another...

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September 13, 2012 - 0 Comments

Against all common sense, the Gloucestershire County Council have instructed officers to sign the contract with Ubaser Balfor Beatty (UBB).  So what I hear you cry, everyone needs a contract to work.  The issue here...

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June 28, 2012 - 0 Comments

Lastest news on the incinerator seems to be that the an independent survey commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council has revealed a large presence of rare bats whose habitats are protected by law.  This could form strong grounds...

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