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Interesting/worrying Letter in the Quedgeley News by Martyn White

by Barry

I read this letter in this months Quedgeley News and thought it was interesting and also worrying:

Letter to the Editor

It has been a great privilege to represent first the whole of Quedgeley and more recently Quedgeley Severnvale as a City Councillor for the last 13 years.  Having lived in Quedgeley for 30 years I know the area extremely well having watched it grow from a small village of 600 or so people to the huge area it comprises today.

I believe that I have strongly represented the interests of all residents during my time on the Council and it was unfortunate that the only real tactic employed by the Parish Council team who sought to replace me with their Chairman, Anna Mozol was that I no longer actually live in Quedgeley,following personal tragic circumstances. However I still spent a great deal of my time in and around the area assisting residents with problems and dealing with the bigger issues affecting all.

I entered local politics in the early nineties in Quedgeley with a strong belief, which I hold to this day, that Quedgeley residents receive no additional services from the Parish Council than all other City residents who do not have to pay the surcharge on their Council Tax.  Indeed the vast majority of extra tax paid goes on paying unnecessary office staff and repaying the huge debt incurred when they built the Community Centre in School Lane.  Very little is actually spent on providing service.

Unfortunately the election of the Chairman to the City Council is likely to reinforce their ability to surcharge Quedgeley residents and I trust the other Conservative Councillors, including Fred Wood, Deb Llewellyn, re-elected on May 5th , and our City’s new Mayor, Andy Lewis – the first City Mayor from Quedgeley,will very closely monitor the situation.

Thank you to all those who have helped during my many election campaigns and with the many projects we have successfully undertaken.  Thank you also to Sandra and Trefor Hughes of Quedgeley News who have worked tirelessly over many years to produce the best local news magazine in the City.

Martyn White

I thought this was very interesting particularly the perception that the Parish Council was behind the campaign in question.  I believe the Parish council is a valuable layer of local government, provided it is done in the right way.  The Parish Council does a lot that many people do not realise, and given that there were 4 parish Council members who stood for City Council this year, I know that Emily and I did not mention the Parish Council at all in our literature.

Is this the rantings of a poor loser, or is there a real perception that the Parish Council has been used as a stage for elections?

Is the Precept seen as a pain in the rear or a small price to pay for the service?

Health Warning: I write this from a personal perspective and should not be taken as the view of Quedgeley Parish Council or any other Parish Councillor.


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