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Is Boris being Clever?

by Barry

Boris has had a memorable first week in politics, but for all the wrong reasons.  However, is it an exceedingly clever strategy, or has it all gone south very quickly and he is scrabbling around?  I think many politicians are thinking that “Bumbling Boris” is just screwing it up, and Jeremy Corbyn should be grasping for any squeak of an election, but I think that Corbyn is doing the right thing in wanting the no deal legislation to gain royal assent, but also I think that lefty politicos (me included) forget that the general public don’t watch the minutiae that goes on in Westminster and Boris is actually placing himself exceedingly well, and ironically, its out of the Corbyn playbook.

Boris is playing a hardball game, where the clown mask is off and he has shown he will lead with a rod of iron.  In Westminster, his MPs have tested him, and he has shown he is willing to do what is necessary.  After sacking a bunch of his MPs for not following the line, then he has sent a very strong message, not only to his own party, but to the public. 

He will, at the next election, get a whole lot of fresh young Conservatives to fill those seats, there is not a shortage.  He is then able to shape what his new team will look like.  More importantly he has shown the public that he is serious about what he says, and that he will not be held back by parliament.  A lot of people who do not follow politics (like nearly everyone) will admire and appreciate that he is “putting the people first” and I would suspect they will vote for him in their droves, especially in leave areas.

So why do I say that this is out of the Corbyn playbook – well Corbyn and his team have been pushing the deselection agenda and trigger ballots (Diana Johnson is the first on that agenda) so he can shape his parliamentary team the way he wants.  His is just a longer route, I suspect he is somewhat jealous of what Boris has got away with (or at least, got away with so far).  Jess Phillips gave a fab speech in support of the Tories who have been sacked and asked why they were not doing the same thing, however it was slightly diminished by the fact she didn’t do the same in support of Luciana etc, but hey ho.

So, whats next, I think its a race to the ballot box, whilst Labour say they want to go to the polls, I think they are worried, on a number of fronts.  First, Boris is popular and will win a lot of personal vote.  Secondly, Jo Swinson is doing a  good Job in the Lib Dems, and the whole Lib Dem movement is getting stronger, and they will take votes from centrists both left and right, which lowers the Bar for any party to win. 

Fundamentally, we do need to close the Brexit box, the uncertainly is now just as damaging as leaving.  And we need to remember that this whole farce is not even about getting the trade deal, its only the pre-conditions to starting to get the deal, not to mention the other trade deals we need to get.  The pain of this is only going to get worse.  

But, on the flip side, Politics can not be accused of being boring anymore…..

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