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Javelin Park Incinerator – Labour Call to get it cancelled!

by Barry

I, with 4 of my Labour colleagues, have today written to the Chair of the County Council, asking him to call an extraordinary meeting of the Council in order to debate a motion, calling for the cancellation of the incinerator contract.  I along with my fellow Labour Councillors are disgusted with the way that local democracy has been willfully ignored and, with the endorsement of this Tory Led Government, has pressed on with this project, regardless of public opinion, common sense or regard to other options.


I have campaigned against the incinerator for a long time, and when the Council Planning committee voted unanimously against the incinerator, I really hoped that was and end to it, that local opinion and democracy had won, but this democratic decision was overturned by Eric Pickles and it seemed that the opinion of a vast number of local residents wasn’t worth a damn.

That is why we have used the council protocols to call a council meeting to try and convince the other parties and independent Councillors that the decision to build is undemocratic, has not been properly scrutinised and it is not the right thing to do.  Regardless of everything else, trying all we can to make the views of the residents we represent heard is the right moral thing to do!

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