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Jobs Fair in early 2012 for Kingsway, Quedgeley, Hardwicke and Grange

by Barry
New offices on Waterwells Business Park Quedgeley.

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On Quedgeley People there is news that our MP, Richard Graham, is organising a jobs fair for what is effectively the South Gloucester area.  He has done this before in Barton and apparently it was a great success.  I think this is a great idea for the local community, there is a lot of businesses in the area and employers might just find that golden employee was right on their door step all this time.

I moved to Gloucester originally because it was almost in-between where both I and my wife worked, I.E.  we moved here as commuters and I know a lot of people do the same.  But the amount of businesses that South Gloucester is attracting, particularly in the Business Parks like Waterwells and Quedgeley West as well as hopefully Kingsway, are a sign that we can attract employers and potentially encourage people that their ideal job could be literally just around the corner.  

The benefits of employing local people are great not only for the city economy, but having a local job could be a positive benefit to the environment (imagine being able to walk/cycle to work) and overall having those many great skills that people have, that they take to Bristol, Cheltenham etc, being employed right here would make Gloucester very attractive for bigger business to invest here and boost our development.

There are no dates yet except for saying that it will be in Quarter 1 next year, but I hope it does attract the employers to look at what vacancies they have and just how they could grow.  I look forward to seeing the positive impact on the community.

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Laura Fuller January 31, 2012 - 4:29 pm

Hi I am an undergraduate for Logica sponsor degree programme and would be interested in having a pitch in these career fairs to advertise the programme to young adults in the areas.

Please get back to me via email and let me know.

Kind Regards


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