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John Healey visits Gloucester and brilliant results in Quedgeley

by Barry

Barry and John Healey

This morning started with a great session in Gloucester City Centre.  A “roving” group of candidates, activists and friends were joined by John Healey MP, the shadow Health Secretary, as well as Baroness Jan Royall to tell the people of Gloucester who their candidates are in the local elections, and also promoting the NHS petition to save front line services.

Meeting John was really good, with a week to go, it was great to talk to someone who could provide some real context to what we are doing and the importance of the role of local  government as a last line of defence for people against the cuts.  Talk about putting things into perspective.

I then had another voyage out onto the doorstep in Quedgeley, and I had a very good team out to help, including Chris Chatterton (candidate for Quedgeley Severn Vale), Parmjit Dhanda, and a good friend, Richard Gough.  I was very privileged to have Amanda, my wife joining us.  Normally she has to do her bit by looking after the children, so she misses out on the fun, but thanks to some very kind frineds staying with us looking after the kids, she was able to come and join in.  We got some really good responses and feedback which was also encouraging.

The day ended on following up on a phone message from a local resident, who was very keen to meet me and put up some of my posters.  I was really pleased to meet someone who was so keen to get involved.  What is more, he is a local contractor who works a lot in and about Quedgeley and his “word on the street” is very positive.  So I thought that was a great bit of unexpected feedback.

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