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Joint Core Strategy Farce – Quedgeley and Hardwicke still free to be dumped on

by Barry
Stroud from Rodborough, 1992 or 1993

Image by Eleventh Earl of Mar via Flickr

Consultation (yes another one) is open on the Join Core Strategy.  This covers housing development within Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury over the next 20 years.  However, because Stroud has declined to take part, this means that Quedgeley and Hardwicke will still be at huge risk of its infrastructure being over stressed by the continual dumping of homes and development on the Gloucester/Stroud border. 

Stroud District Council seems to have a habit in recent years of dumping its development requirements on the edge of Quedgeley/Hardwicke, which is over developing the area and before long, the local infrastructure is just going to “pop”.  Take Hunts Grove, that development is growing at pace, and yet they have no real local amenities therefore they (quite logically) will be coming into Quedgeley for Shops, Doctors etc.  And rumour has it that another batch of houses is ready to be agreed to extend Hunts Grove again, but more on that when I get it.

So with no communication and more importantly co-ordination between Gloucester and Stroud, our hopes that we would see an end to the local development in order to let the community grow and flourish, looks to have been dashed! 

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Barry December 16, 2011 - 3:26 pm

Just has this published in the Citizen, see text below:

KINGSWAY and Quedgeley are at “huge risk” of overdevelopment, according to a leading politician.

Councillor Barry Kirby, who sits on Quedgeley Parish Council, said he is concerned about developers “dumping” too many homes nearby. He said: “Before long, the local infrastructure is just going to pop.

“Quedgeley and Hardwicke will be at huge risk of being overstressed.” Around 33,000 new homes are set to be built in Gloucestershire by 2031.

Unfortunately they really missed the point of what I was saying, it is the lack of involvement of Stroud in the Joint Core Strategy which will lead to the problem, not just that it will happen out of thin air.

Oh well, I guess I need to write a bit clearer.

PS: I was writing in my own capacity, not that of the Parish Council…….

Barry December 16, 2011 - 3:35 pm

Oh and “leading politician” …really? I think a lot of people may disagree… 😉


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