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by Barry

I have had a really good Jubilee weekend, what with the Kingsway Jubilee Big Lunch being a great success and then seeing some of the other festivities going on as well as being able to have some family time and chill, it has been just what I needed.

I have to take my hat off to the rest of the Kingsway Committee members who worked so hard at making the Kingsway event happen, as well as the folks from Glos College who provided all the music.  What looks like such a simple event has so much background work going into it.  I was so chuffed to see how the event has grown and that so many people came out to see what we were doing.  Even with the dodgy weather, many people put up the brollies and carried on.

I also enjoyed the Jubilee Concert on the Mall and many of the programmes celebrating the 60 years of reign by the Queen. Many people believe that the Queen is a waste of money and doesn’t do much except live in opulent luxury.  They feel that it is wrong that she should get all that wealth just by birthright.  Personally I look at it the other way round, she has had no say in becoming Queen, yet she dedicates so much time to it.  Where most of us can be nicely retired, the Queen is still putting in full days.  I hope the many programmes detailing what she has done during her reign has educated people into what she has contributed to the country.

And a small fact – She is only the second monarch to have reached Diamond Jubilee, the other was Queen Victoria.

Anyway, a great weekend, and despite the weather, a best of British performance.

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