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Kingsway Bashing Returns

by Barry

Over the past 18 months, I have worked quite hard with the Citizen to generate a more positive press image for Kingsway.

Then in a single swipe, we could be back to where we started.  We do have issues, and there are people have problems with ASB (Anti Social Behaviour), but to read the paper you would think that it is a new warzone. If it was warranted I would not mind so much, but ASB is up by 35 acts on the same period last year , which equates to 25%.  However, the population has also risen by around a Third up to around 5000.  So in reality its proportional,    in-fact you could argue that in relation to population size, the ASB has decreased,  but I won’t as it does not help those who are suffering it.  As Kay Powell points out on the Visit Gloucestershire Message board, if we could solve the issues there, then the victims would not feel like they have to go to the press and therefore there would be no story.  Smoke, fire and all that.  My gripe is the lack of proportionality in turning a relatively small issue into a major drama.

On the plus side was a good commentary by David Thomas, highlighting that we need the community on board to make it happen.  However if they believe what they see in the paper, why would they?  There are a lot of people doing lots of good work in encouraging the growth of community Spirit, and not just in the Residents Association, but others too.  This summer has seen lots of good events happening and I felt lots of great progress had been made. (Though acknowledging there is still a long way to go).

Its fair to say, I’m rather annoyed, and so are a lot of other people given the state my inbox was in when I got back to my hotel.  I have not seen the printed version yet either, just what is online.  Looking forward to that on Friday.

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