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Kingsway – Another building block ready

by Barry

I was pleased to hear last night that the proposed ASDA store for the entrance of Kingsway has finally been given planning permission.  After a hiccup in December, it came up again to the planning committee and was passed.

This is quite important for a number of reasons:

  • It will provide another amenity for Kingsway and the local surrounding area
  • It will provide a source for local jobs
  • It will provide some drive towards developing Kingsway Business Park which was supposed to develop for local jobs, but has not delivered yet
  • It will provide some healthy competition to the other big brand in the Area

We have already seen that Asda are a “good neighbour” to residents, their level of consultation was brilliant and they are already supporting local community projects in the area.

Lets hope that this also heralds the continuing development of the second phase of the local centre, the community centre and the Sports areas.


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