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by Barry

A good while ago I contacted Virgin Media with a view to encouraging them to put in the cable infrastructure in Kingsway, my logic being that if they worked with QUVL and the builders that they could get the cable in before the roads were adopted, and would be cheaper in the long-term for installation.  It would also provide residents with having a real choice of provider for Broadband, Phone and TV.  Having been a previous (and happy) Virgin Cable customer before I moved, I thought it would be a good thing for them as a business and us as residents.

However, after a lot of nagging and following up, they evaluated the idea and I was told that they were not going to lay cable at that time because it did not fit their current model.  The topic has come up again with residents on the Kingsway Blog (www.kingsway-villagers.co.uk) and so we got it in the local press and was also pleasantly surprised to see it go a bit further as articles have appeared on USwitch  and ISPreview also highlighting the issue.

In my experience, nothing helps a business case more than having hard facts and figures, and in this case, to be able to present Virgin with a list of people who support the idea would help enormously, so to that end I have created an online petition.  If you have 2 minutes, please click the link and sign up, the more support we get, the more chance of Virgin Media seeing that there is a viable business case in Kingsway.

Click here : http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/kingsway-wants-cable/

Also share the link. But don’t worry about the screen asking for donations at the end, that is not compulsory at all!


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amanda March 8, 2012 - 9:25 am

When we first moved here, over 4yrs ago, we had been with virgin cable and tv, and its predecessors for ages. When we moved to kingsway, virgin had only just taken over the company and they had stopped all expansion of their networks at the time. It will probably involve a lot of upheaval and nuisance to get cable installed now compared to 4yrs ago, but think it will improve the telecomms service for all residents and businesses 🙂


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