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Kingsway Community Garden – Community Activism getting down and dirty (and wet) :-)

by Barry

This weekend saw another great step in Kingsway and that was the creation of the Community Garden.  We wanted to develop something to inspire the community and for us all to be involved with.  So Saturday was spent getting plants and gravel and the like to make a start and a look at the weather forecast said dry int he morning and rain in the afternoon.  So I rocked up to the garden just before 10am ready to go, and the heavens opened.  But, undeterred, I started marking things out and more people turned up, and after a while the rain stopped and we really got going.  More members of the community saw what we were doing, joined in and by mid afternoon we had completed the first phase of the garden.  Kingsway now has a flower garden and a Maze to keep people entertained 🙂

It was a bit of work that I really enjoyed doing, it was a laugh doing the maze as I have never planned or made one before, and then seeing everyone elses ideas develop too.  What started as a huge patch of land split into 4 quadrants and a lot of topsoil and weeds has now turned into something that is more for the community to enjoy.


The Maze (there is grass seeded between and around the paths)


The Maze

 The Planted front section (really need a name for it I guess, Ideas anyone?)

The Garden

So now we just have the back two quarters to go, and to hope the grass grows around the maze fairly quickly.  Then some more gravel on the paths, a bug home/shelter, herbs and sensory garden to plant, weeding, and…and..

But the main thing is that people are already talking about it and asking to contribute which is the main aim if the game.  This garden will only be around for 12, maybe 24 months, but its the legacy that it could develop and transfer to the proper gardens and allotments that are important.

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