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Kingsway growth and sunny days

by Barry

Having spent this glorious weekend putting my brand new shiny leaflet through the doors in my ward, it struck me just how much Kingsway has grown in the past 12 months.

While I do spend a fair bot of time walking around and seeing the progress that has been made – when Im doing door to door leafleting, i can get a real appreciation of just how many more houses and streets that have been built in the past 12 months.  I was using the same map as last year to mark off where I had delivered, and last year many streets ad not been built, however today I was able to colour in many more streets as delivered!

I think its really good to see the progress happening now as it means that we are marching every closer to completion.

I also like to deliver leaflets on sunny days like this as many more people are outside and are happy to chat about the things they like and the things they don’t and what should be done about it.  Almost to a person, the Green Bin Tax is so unpopular.  One man said that this was the worst council for rubbish collection he had every seen and as he was here on a military posting, he has seen a few!

Anyway – 24 days to go…..

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