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Kingsway “Have your Say” Day

by Barry

Meeting at the school at 0945h were a mixture of Police, City Council Staff, Councillors, Housing Associations and me.  Organised by the Gloucester Crime and Disorder Reduction partnership, the idea was to launch a “have your say” day where we go and knock on every door on Thatcham Avenue and ask them questions about their perception of crime in the area, what they like about the area and if they would like to get involved with neighbourhood watch and/or the Residents association. Though the Citizen have not let up as their headline was “Hell” estate residents have their say, subtle eh!

Thatcham Avenue was used as it is the main trunk road, though I had encouraged people who lived elsewhere to just come and grab us if they wanted to.  Given the press this week I expected a bit of a reaction and on the whole the results were as I expected, though the official results will come out in a month or so.  To everyone we spoke to we had a Smart Water kit (worth £15) to give them and a shed alarm (worth £5) for free.  Not bad for answering a couple of questions.

Overall a good exercise and really useful for people to see various organisations taking an interest.  Did I learn anything new, well not really, but, for me, that wasn’t the point.


Joe K September 12, 2010 - 11:11 am

I’ve always wanted a shed alarm…

I guess that ‘Hell’ label is going to stick, because it’s a quote. It’s a bit like another recent headline, ‘Gloucester man, 25, suffers nasty injury in TNT bar assault’. An odd description for an injury, in a headline, and looks like it should be in quotes. When you look at the story, it turns out it was a quote, from the officer-in-charge, but ‘Gloucester man, 25, suffers ‘nasty injury’ in TNT bar assault’ would have looked like something out of The Daily Mash

bazkirby September 12, 2010 - 11:56 am

Hi Joe, was going to drop you an email as you had gone quiet.

Its really annoying that a lot of hard work has gone in during the past 18 months, and then this happens. But I’m hoping that as there has been such an “adverse” reaction to the article that it might be a driver for people to become more involved. clouds, silver linings and all that.

Joe K September 13, 2010 - 9:01 am

You’d have seen me on Kate Haigh’s blog a few days ago, Barry, if she wasn’t still premodding me. It was another perfectly reasonable comment, having belatedly seen the ‘unitary body cancellation’ bit of the last entry, and noting that we could have similar problems in Gloucestershire. I don’t know of any Conservative or Lib Dem councillors with blogs, but if the ones that do exist on Labour’s side blank the little feedback they get, they won’t garner the support of the online electorate.

Speaking of the online community, you mentioned ‘open public communication’ between residents and organisations in today’s Citizen article. You ought to promote the Quedgeley/Kingsway section of the Gloucester Boards more often, or the Quedgeley web site. I’d do the same for the Barton & Tredworth version of the former, if making that waif Moore moderator wasn’t an ongoing kick in the teeth for anyone with a genuine interest in local forums.


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