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Kingsway Parish Council?

by Barry

The recent County Boundary Review has thrown up an interesting idea that now we have looked into it in some more detail could be a significant next step for Kingsway and that is breaking away from Quedgeley Parish Council and forming a Parish Council that is more focused at Kingsway itself.  Hence the idea of forming Kingsway Parish Council.

This is not the first time this has been suggested, a while ago it came up but we did not feel that we had enough to go on, but with the County Boundary Review suggesting a rewarding of Quedgeley Parish Council, then it would make a lot of sense to address the issue now.  Kingsway is growing, and we are getting our own amenities and the like, so it is only right that we look at what would be the most appropriate things for us as residents.

For this to happen, there is a legal framework to comply with, but we are getting quite a lot of support from many areas, so we are getting quite well-informed.  To use the normal route, then we would define the boundaries then petition the local authority for a review to see if they agree, then we cold take it forward.  However there could be an oppotunity if the Boundary Commission realise what we want to do, then they could make it happen at the same time as their County Boundary review, so we will see.

There has been press coverage of this already, firstly it came up in the citizen, with Tom Edwards doing a piece on it and then I was interviewed by Tom Lowe from BBC Radio Gloucestershire about it too, the interview is on BBC IPlayer until next Saturday (we are about 2:44 hours in).

It seems to have a lot of support as an idea, so I am really quite looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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