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Kingsway in Parliament

by Barry

Richard Graham MP brought up the issue of the Slow Growth of Kingsway in Westminster in alignment with the launch of the new programme to stimulate house building and sales.  

I welcome the Minister’s announcement, particularly on his indemnity scheme, which will stimulate the housing market in general and, more specifically, accelerate sales for the development of Kingsway in Gloucester, triggering badly needed infrastructure, such as a new surgery. Does he agree that the growing places programme is well suited to resolve section 106-related hold-ups to brownfield site developments, such as the one at the former Van Moppes chemical site on the Bristol road, which he visited with me some time ago?

I have still to read the detail of the new measures, but if they work to stimulate us towards the magic 2000 houses number quicker than the current 2013 estimate (especially when you consider it only needs another 2/300 homes sold)then it could be a beneficial thing.   Once my Kingsway AGM is out-of-the-way tonight then I will be able to get stuck into the detail and see if it “does what it says on the tin”.

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