Kingsway/ Quedgeley ASDA consultation – What do YOU think?

Published On February 8, 2012 » 1277 Views» Kingsway, Quedgeley - Fieldcourt
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Starting tomorrow is the Consultation for the proposed ASDA which is to be situated on the A38 entrance to Kingsway potentially by the end of the year.  This public consultation is your chance to have your say on the proposed design, and to raise concerns over what you see.  The main point is, the opportunity is there to have your say so please take it.

The consultation is being held at Quedgeley Community Centre at the following times

Thursday 9th February, 4:30pm – 7pm

Friday 10th February, 10am – 6pm

Saturday 11th February, 10am – 1pm

I will be there on Saturday and if you can not make it but want to contribute, please feel free to email me with your concerns and I can pass them on ( 

In terms of your thoughts, think about how you would use the store, and your neighbours.  What about access, would you walk to it or drive?  What sort of shopping would you expect to do, a small shop or a big shop?  How will it affect what shops we have already, will it provide positive or negative competition?  What do you not know but feel you would like to?  Does it look aesthetically pleasing at the entrance to the estate?  How will ASDA contribute to the estate and how will they act as neighbours?

Its worth bearing in mind that this was never going to stay a lush green field, if not a supermarket it was going to be an office block or warehouse so “No Change” is not an option, but is a supermarket the right option?

If you don;t want to email me, feel free to just leave a comment here and I will also take them along.  Positive comment is just as valuable as negative, but the worst one is if you have a comment but don;t say anything at all, if I don’t know your issue, then I can’t fight for it!

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