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Kingsway starts to become “self sufficient”

by Barry

It is great news that last friday saw the opening of the Tesco Express in Kingsway.  Along side that, Badhams Pharmacy was close on its tail opening a couple of days later and the other tenants (including a Cafe, Vets, Hair Dressers and Estate agents) will be opening in the next month or so.  But this is not just about the shops themselves, it means that Kingsway can finally think about being “self-sufficient” in terms of day-to-day living, and that the “hub” of the area is coming into being.

Kingsway Residents have really suffered the brunt of the economic crisis, with house sales fluctuating wildly from a state when they couldn’t build them fast enough in 2007 to now when they are sluggish to stopped.  Because of this, there has been a lot of reluctance to build amenities and generally finish the build, because of the lack of cash.  What this has meant is that new facilities that one time would have been greeting with great fanfare and welcome by residents, is now met with “about bl**dy time”. 

However I have always been of the opinion that the community facilities are key, and that the sooner they are built, the more attractive Kingsway will be to live and the greater the sense of community.   Now that the facilities are opening, we will see if I am right.  I also think it will have a positive effect on the use of the underpass.  While the Highways Department of the County Council have really given us a “bum deal” regarding the access to Quedgeley, I think having some of our own resources will reduce then need to go under the A38. 

I remember writing a post at the beginning of this year predicting that this would be a great year for Kingsway with what we had been promised, and as always when you make a bold statement like that, its hugely disappointing to not get the progress that you hope and expect, I just hope that this gives a bit of momentum and we can see the rest of the facilities and amenities come on-line sooner rather than later!

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