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Kirby is not the council (warning – these are Barry’s views – no one else’s)

by Barry

I got home late last night and picked up the day’s copy of the Citizen, and had a catchup of what is going on in our fair city.  It’s fair to say I was rather bemused to read the following on the letters page:


I had written a whole post as a ‘reply’ to the letter, but given the clues in the letter itself about who wrote it then maybe im just playing into their hands, however, for clarity I offer the following points.

On the face of it, I absolutely agree, I do not talk on behalf of the council, and have never purported to have done so.  I always speak on behalf of myself as the constant reminder on this site and any other medium (Twitter etc)  highlights.  I make sure the statements are there to highlight they are my own views.  I would not wish to bring the council in disrepute, there are members of the council who have hearts of gold, which is why I have taken guidance from the various authorities about doing all I can to comply with the rules as highlighted.

It is also right what they say, that I am often quoted as Quedgeley Parish Councillor, that is a statement of fact and while I ask (and reporters can verify this) to not be quoted as such, it is not wrong to say it.

Various people would like me to stop blogging, tweeting, talking to people (and probably breathing too) but I really believe that I should be communicating with the people who I represent and these are very effective mediums for doing so.  In fact Parish Councils are being encouraged to make use of Social Media to communicate more with residents so perhaps I have just been leading the way?

 I have a simple message to the author of the letter, and I say this as my own personal view,  I will always do what I can for our community, and I will not stop communicating with the community.  For me the potential for someone to have some confusion about who I am speaking on behalf of (which can be very quickly cleared up) is a small price to pay for ensuring that I am fulfilling my duty to those I represent and those who ask me to try and help (who are not residents of Kingsway and Quedgeley).

Promoting the fact that Quedgeley Parish Council has achieved the Quality Parish Status is indeed something that should be written about and promoted, its ironic that the reason I have not done so (though I wanted to) is because the only people allowed to communicate with the press about Council matters is the Chair and the Clerk.

Just in case you have not got the message – I write this on behalf of myself, not Quedgeley Parish Council, not other Kirby’s, other residents of Gloucester, Human Factors practitioners, bloggers, tweeters, politicians, men, humans or any other primates!


Alphonso2 January 13, 2012 - 6:59 pm

I enjoy reading your views Barry. Much better than the quiet men who tell us nothing until they spring a huge PFI committment upon us!

Eddie January 14, 2012 - 9:08 am

Keep up the good work Barry

Tony Bowden January 14, 2012 - 1:05 pm

Very Amusing! It seems that feathers are being ruffled and people are unhappy. If you believe in what you do and think it benefits the community Barry then it cannot be wrong! Keep it up!

Joe K January 15, 2012 - 11:17 am

It seems that you are Quedgeley’s/Kingsway’s answer to Usman Bhaimia, Barry, forever the ‘Go To’ guy for quotes about the area, however much it may get up other people’s noses. Have they managed to get you photographed crouching down on a road yet? That seems to be their photographer’s favourite frame shot.

My long experience of TiG suggests that even Bhaimia gets misprespresented as a result of this seeming favouritism, although he does himself no favours by abstaining from partnership matters, supposedly, he tells my wife, because of all the ‘nasty’ political stuff going on (and now he’s allied with two other ward councillors who don’t have a problem with that stuff at all).

Clear communications are key (and people having the guts to put a real name to their complaints wouldn’t hurt, either).

You may have seem this. I’m hoping to go, and even if they are out of places, I’ll probably turn up on the evening and ask, ‘Room for a little ‘un?’:



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