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The Kirby Home Education Experience on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

by Barry

This morning we had Faye Hatcher from BBC Radio Gloucestershire come and join us for a typical morning in the Kirby Household, because every morning is spent with a radio car in your driveway and hearing reactions to your Home Education decisions on Chris Baxters show.  But all joking aside, it was really great to have Faye with us, especially as the kids got to see the radio car and Amanda and I got to throw stuff at our radio on hearing some of the comments coming back as some people were obviously not actually listening to what we were saying.

Both Amanda and I were interviewed, Amanda around 9.20 and mine around 10.20 and you can have a listen by following the link to Chris Baxters show listen again http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p012jy3m (Amanda is at 21 minutes in and I’m at 1hr24) it is worth listening to it all just to hear some of the other comments.

Faye teaching the kids about the Radio Van

Overall I do find it quite interesting that people who know nothing about Home Education still think it’s really insular, even when you tell them that it’s not.  And I did have to give a wry grin at the comments from Chris both going into and out of our interviews.

For the record, Home Education is not insular, we spend a lot of time with other kids and families.  And tot he lady ont he show who was in hospital and had to be tutored – of course you didn’t see any one else, you were in Hospital and then recovering, not really home educating!

Amanda, Leo and Faye

Anyway, tell me what you think – the reason we did the interview is because we want to raise the awareness of Home Education and while it’s not of everyone, at least encourage people to recognise it as an option to consider.  We find it a great experience for all our family and while the initial decision was very scary, it has been the most enlightening experience for us all.

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