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Labour Conference Day 2 – #lab10

by Barry

A long day today, especially after recovering from yesterdays Fringe events.

I saw David Miliband give his speech this morning.  Was really good, though I think his comments about the speeches he had prepared was very close to the mark about what he actually said.  He was very firm that we must unite behind Ed, and he got a great standing ovation.  I think a press chap was sat in front of me as he was timing the ovation and it was a good 1 min 15 seconds.

When I left the hall, I ran into Jack Straw and took the opportunity to ask him his opinion on the Magistrates Court Cuts.

I got into the queue early for the Guardian debate event (free lunch too) and the panel was very interesting.  In particular, Chris Huhne MP was on the panel, just in case the penny hasn’t dropped, he is a Lib Dem MP and a Minister in the Con Dem government.  Some interesting facts came out, such as in the last election 4.2 working class people voted for Labour, and 4.4 middle class people voted for Labour.  Says a lot about who our audience is and just the message we should be giving out.

There was also a discussion on AV voting.  I can’t get excited about changing the method, the bigger problem is voter apathy.  We need to get more people voting, AV will not solve this.

This evening we had a “Blogging for Labour” event,  I was quite exited about going to this and it was good to get a room full of people together to discuss it.  Lots of people turned up, and I finally got to put some faces to tweeters which was brilliant.

One of the currents of thought seemed to be a wary one about social media, and I was hoping for a greater promotion of the methods and benefits.  However, its the first event like that and I hope it will become bigger.  A great comment was about the Labour Party providing guidance etc.  I think we need to use Blogging to prove to everyone that the party is a group of individuals brought together and not just a slick media machine.  Jessica Asato made a very good point that the interned based stuff was good, but needs to be “finished off” with real, physical events/interaction.  Twitter was seen as good media for getting the word out.  There were quite a few tweets going out during the event 🙂

My final event was a Fabians event in the Town Hall looking at the question of should we have fewer people in prison.  This event made me quite angry as it portrayed the sentencers as just putting people in prison without a care when it could not be further from the truth.

Anyway, a busy day and back to my hotel to blog this and have a chill and a good sleep before the Leaders Speech tomorrow.


Schools Out September 27, 2010 - 10:39 pm

So…? What did Jack Straw say? The first para about DM doesn’t make sense…to me anyway! So has this made up your mind as to your view of the Fabian Soc?? Questions, questions. Answers, answers?!!

bazkirby September 29, 2010 - 7:56 am

Jack couldn’t really add anything to the argument about the closure of Magistrates courts so was a waste of time really.

The Para about DM would make sense if you had listened to his speech, he made a quip about how he had written speeches for Saturday and yesterday, basically in the idea that he had won.

As for the Fabians, then not really, I havn’t been to enough events. I think it would probably be a good thing to have political discussion with. James Green talks quite highly of them (though he is the secretary of Young Fabians).


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