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Another Labour leadership Battle – Wales – Need advice please

by Barry

So having moved to Wales this year, my rather chaotic year has meant that I am somewhat worried that I simply feel very unprepared for the Welsh Labour leadership contest.  With the contest officially open and there being 3 contenders: Mark Drakeford, Vaughan Gething and Eluned Morgan, we are now in a one member one vote situation.  The Ballot will be in November, so I have a month to make a decision.

I think I need to determine what I want out of a welsh leader, and straight off the top of my head I want someone who can drive party unity, look strongly after our interests during the farce that is currently Brexit, to drive a positive industrial strategy that sees things like Swansea Bay initiatives see a green light, not a red one and drives a positive approach to the health needs of our communities.

So, whilst I will be doing my own research, I would appreciate other peoples views.  Either comment below, email me or message me with your thoughts, experiences and views.

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