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Labour Party Conference – Day Zero – Motivation and Drinks

by Barry

I’m calling yesterday “Day Zero” because conference has not officially started until this morning, but there were a couple of “welcome” events and it was a great way to kick things off and get everyone in the right mood.  With Speeches from the leadership at South West reception, and then some fun at the LGBT Labour party, the mood was very high helped along by the Policy Announcements on the Bedroom tax and wrap around Childcare.

It was a pity really that the travel to get to Brighton was such a pain, I had a direct train, but because of a points failure we ended up having to change trains so ended up an hour late, but that was a minor blip in what was a cool day  I am sharing a flat with fellow Gloucester Labour friends and so we have great opportunities to discuss whats going on.

We went tot the South West Conference reception which was good.  There was a great buffet and drinks, with speeches from Justine Miliband,  Ed Balls, Harriet Harman and the Party Leader, Ed Miliband.  I did wonder why Justine was giving a speech, because, in the nicest possible way, she isn’t a politician and therefore why did she have the platform.  However, The speech was really good.  She wanted to highlight the fact that she is more than just a “dress” that the news criticise.  She gave us an insight into how her and Ed met and got together and just how she is supporting Ed in the campaign ahead.  Ed Balls was interesting, with the Policy announcements on Bedroom Tax and Childcare, he explained how this was going to be paid for and that it was good to hear the thinking behind the work.  Harriet reflected on the Womens Conference, which was the most successful and well attended to date.  Ed Miliband backed up all the previous comments, but also emphasised that we have a challenge ahead but that we have the right team, the best PPCs and the ability to win.  Overall, the message was very realistic but positive which, considering 2015 is now not so far away, was the right tone to set.

After that conference, it was off to another venue in Brighton for the LGBT Labour party where we happened to be the first in, but it filled very quickly and was a great night, especially as it’s the first club I have been to in a while, the only downside was that I didn’t do any dancing, but thats probably for the common good 😉

The new One Nation Inspiration book
A quick pre-reception drink at the pub by the flat
Justine Miliband at the South West Reception
Ed Balls at the South West Reception
Harriet Harman at the South West Reception
Sophy Gardner introducing Ed Miliband
Ed Miliband at the South West Reception
Team Gloucester at the South West Reception
Our free gift for a "safe" night at LGBT Labour event
The Poster at the LGBT event

Today, we see the conference kick off proper, with the morning spent doing conference admin, and this afternoon there si discussions on Education, Equalities and Living Standards, amongst a platter of fringe events so will be good to see how it continues.


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