#Labour take another seat on Gloucestershire County Council

Published On February 4, 2011 » 1293 Views» Politics
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Last night, the Gloucestershire public again showed their anger against the Tory/Liberal methods.

In a By-election for the Council seat which was counted in Rodborough, Labour’s Brian Oosthuyen beat the Tories by 3 votes, which on the face of it is a close victory, however when you consider that in the last election for this seat, Labour came 4th, with the Tories 1st and Lib Dems 2nd, then it shows the swing in the mood of change.  Brian will join the 4 other Labour County Councillors for Gloucestershire.

So a great result there, and we are still waiting for the result of the Amberley and Woodchester District Council seat which was also being voted for, Will Labour do the double?

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