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Leave Schooling until age 7, they will be better for it!

by Barry

A report in the Telegraph today highlights another study that has been done which shows that all this pressure to get kids into school earlier and earlier could be damaging to the longer term development of children.  If school is not started until age 7, then by age 10 there is no difference between the two, indeed some of the “later starters” came out scoring higher.

This really flies in the face of Governments wanting to get kids into school earlier and earlier and texting them to within an inch of their lives. 

We have personal experience of this, being Home Educators we have not pushed any of our Kids to read, but when they have started to get into it, we have encouraged and helped rather than forced.  This put our eldest into that category of a late starter but now she is 7 and really getting into it, she is really enjoying what she is doing rather than it being a chore.  Her reading development is going at such a pace as her enthusiasm escalates. 

The biggest problem we have with the education system is that it is currently there to fulfil the needs of the education system, not the children, parents or the employment sector and the more we go down the role of testing and earlier starting, the worse it is going to get.  We need to improve the Quality of time in education, empower teachers and make schooling fun.  Lets get away from this need to put kids into a state institution at an earlier and earlier age, let them develop and grow and enjoy childhood!

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