Home Politics Let our beliefs lead us! (via The Scribe of the Red Rose)

Let our beliefs lead us! (via The Scribe of the Red Rose)

by Barry

I think there are many who are not sure how to feel about the “rebirth” of the Labour Party.

Many want strong leadership, many want all our alternatives laid out before us in order to spread the good word. Members are concerned that Ed Miliband isn’t attacking on every given stage.

Personally I am not. This is not a time for cheap shots, one-upmanship or the usual political tools. It is time to listen and get back to what the Labour party should be all about, the people. In reality, who cares what we would have done if we were in power, because we are not, even if it was a good idea, the Tories will not change their path. We have to be robust in opposition, evaluating all the decisions made by government, holding true to our core beliefs, and knowing the fundamental difference between right and wrong and applying it, encouraging when something is right and damning when it is wrong.

I don’t need the leadership to tell me what is happening now is hard, difficult and painful. We have to work hard at whatever level we can to challenge the cuts to ensure they are what is needed and not just what the Tories ideologically want. We have to be there to support our friends, neighbours, family and constituents in this time. To ensure that their voice is heard.

Deep down, we know what to do. Being an active Labour party member is more important now than ever before. Don’t worry about Westminster, worry about those around you. Let the Politicians follow your example, drive the party, don’t wait for it to drive you!

I recommend the attached post from Anthony, particularly the Poem!

In the wake of the continued stories of a new "civil war" in the Labour ranks such as speculation in the New Stateman that 'Ed Miliband's team are terrified of Ed Balls and Yvette. They think they're going to come and try and kill him. And the reason they think that is because they will," ' and of course everyones favourite, the so-called Miliband/Johnson rift which has apparently manifested itself in a row over the leadership election process. I … Read More

via The Scribe of the Red Rose

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