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Lets make Gloucester Red again. #GE2017 #Barry4Glos

by Barry

I am very proud to have been selected as the Labour Candidate to fight the General Election on the 8th June.

I have worked hard for Gloucester for a long time, from founding and running Kingsway Residents Association, being a Quedgeley Parish (now Town) Councillor, the County Councillor for Grange and Kingsway as well as having been a Magistrate on the Gloucester Bench.  I launched and run my own small research business in Gloucester and I volunteer with local companies and individuals to help develop their engineering staff through their professional careers.

I believe in the strong Labour values of Equality, Fairness and Co-Operation and I believe that we need to have an MP for Gloucester who will put these values at the heart of what they do, the decisions they make and the actions they take.  This now is the time to make Gloucester better for the many, not just the few.

You will hear lots about this over the next few weeks so I will just briefly highlight my main pledges to you:

  • Building the homes we need– Our housing market is broken, we will fix it. From fair renting to affordable housing, we will build the right solution for you.
  • Bring top quality jobs to Gloucester– Support small businesses to grow and develop, and bring business to Gloucester. Grow the economy and create quality, well paid jobs.
  • Joined up healthcare – You can’t trust the Tories with our NHS. We promise the best care for your loved ones, from GP to Hospital, to Home, Labour is on your side.
  • Give our children the best start – There’s no second chance for children, we need to get it right first time. Investment in early years is a top priority for Labour.
  • People powered services– Give you more say in the services that are delivered to you by government – from roads to recycling. Local communities know what’s best for them.


If you would like to be involved in the campaign or have any questions/queries then please do get in touch.



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